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Liz Ekstrom

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Liz was born and raised on a farm near Warburg, Alberta. She attended Warburg High School which is where her art projects were first on display throughout her tenure. Liz grew up in a large Hungarian family with nine brothers and sisters which made it challenging for her to pursue her dream of hairdressing and being an artist. Throughout the years, she was always crafting and working on little artsy projects as a fun hobby. At the age of 40, Liz fulfilled her lifelong dream and went to Estelles Beauty School where she became a licensed hairdresser and had her own shop (Leduc Hair Trends).


After retiring in 2004, she moved onto her next endeavour of painting. Liz started with the Leduc Art Club (Jim McIntyre) doing acrylics and doing weekly oils at Pros Art with Gene Prokop. Her experiences have come from various classes, workshops and numerous hours in front of the canvas. She was fortunate to go to New York with her class to see all the museums and art which inspired her with the goal of being able to display her art in various galleries. Liz has since been able to showcase her art at the Alberta Counsel of Ukrainian Arts, Ukrainian Village, Leduc Art Club in the Rec Centre, Leduc Hospital, Whyte Avenue Art Walk, and Black Gold Rodeo to name a few. It no longer a dream for Liz but her passion. -Liz Ekstrom


Linda Finstad

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Artist / Author / Fine art photographer



Eccentric and quirky are words often used to describe Linda Finstad and her unique style of art.   She not only portrays the outside of her subjects but also gives each one a personality. Sometimes they are sweet sometimes they are sassy.  It doesn’t matter if it is an animal or an angel Linda gives them a voice and they always have something to say.

Linda uses a variety of mediums to create her art including acrylic paint, watercolour and some less conventional mediums such as coffee.


Everyday coffee Angels are Linda’s latest body of work, In her attempt to use art as therapy and relieve the stress of Covid-19 Linda committed to paint an angel a day using coffee as her medium. The angels use humour to overcome the turmoil of emotions triggered by the pandemic.   Linda has created over 365 original coffee angel paintings and coupled each one with a national day.  She has been sharing her art on Facebook every day.  Her goal was to give people something to giggle about and also a reason to celebrate every day despite our current circumstances.  She has also published all her angels in a book “Everyday Angels” .   Linda is currently working on a new collection of Angels “in training” this series will be aimed at a younger audience and will depict the issues her kiddo angels experience as they grow into their wings.


to see more of Linda’s unique art please visit www.LindaFinstad.com


Living Tree series This collection is a work in progress and to date includes nine textured acrylic paintings on wooden panels. True to Linda’s style, her tree paintings have personality and are representative of the deep connection we have to nature and feature a human form in the trunk. 


Her work has been featured on several TV networks and received media attention world wide. She even received a letter of recognition from her royal highness the Queen of England.


You can see more of her unique art at http://www.Famouscoffeeartist.com


My web site is 




Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/linda.finstad/


Instagram  https://www.instagram.com/lindafinny/

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Holle Hahn

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A long time resident of Alberta Holle has been interested in the Arts from a very early age.

Never one to take herself too seriously, she likes to focus on Colour, composition and humour in her paintings.
She has exhibited extensively in Galleries, Group shows (in Calgary and Edmonton) and on the internet. “I want people to smile when they look at my work and enjoy it”. Her paintings can be found in private collections in Countries on four Continents.


Holle lives and works in Westerose, Alberta, and is a member of “Out-of-the-Wild Artworks”, Allied Arts Council of Spruce Grove, Leduc Art Club and an Active member of the Federation of Canadian Artist’s (Vancouver and Edmonton Chapters)and a former member of FCA Calgary, as well as Calgary Community painters and The Pigeon Lake ArtistSociety.


Little Pink Flower on the Prairie at Sunset, acrylic, ink on watercolour paper by Holle Ha
Raven and Stars over North Central Alberta, Multi Media by Holle Hahn, 50 %, 003.JPG
Neighbourhood Watch, mixed media on canvas by Holle Hahn, 12 X 24 inches, rs, IMG_2252.JPG

Nikki Albert

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Nikki Albert is from Leduc, Alberta and lives with her common-law spouse. Her hobbies are indie fantasy fiction writing, blogging, freelance writing and art.


She is currently on disability due to chronic pain and a vestibular condition. Art and writing are both excellent ways to help express the experience of living with chronic pain and illness.


Her main medium is charcoal but also mixed medium (Charcoal, pastel, ink). Her main focus is Expressionism with expressionist portraits or expressionist figures. She has been exploring art again for the last couple of years.


You can find her on:


Site: Wayward Wyrd

Instagram: WaywardWyrdArt

Pintrest: Wayward Wyrd
Facebook: The Wyrd

Twitter @Th3Wyrd

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Andres Mendez

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Andres Mendez is originally from Colombia where he had a tattoo shop and made macramé jewelry. He moved here eight years ago, with his young family, to be closer to his wife’s family.
He is learning English while he visits his new country. He began painting at an early age. “My school was big in sports and art. I picked art. I like to paint in graffiti style, oil on canvas, and make wood carvings.” His ambition is to be a better artist by learning different techniques, to explore, and find enjoyment in his paintings. “I am super happy to have found the Leduc Art Club because there are a lot of good artists and all are happy to teach and learn everyone’s techniques.”


Last year Andre started his own business for exterior cleaning services! He named it, All Clear From Here! Andre enjoys making memories with his family as they roller blade to the skatepark, walk in nature, and travel.“It’s important I spend quality time with them”

You can call Andre 825-777-2332
Or contact by email:
Check him out on Instagram:

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