Introduction to Pencil Drawing with Bruce Whaley

Saturday September 25, 2021 1-4pm

$30 members / $35 non-members

Spaces Available: 12

Ages 15+

(minimum of 4 participants required or class will be canceled)

Instructor Bruce Whaley

This class will cover the use of pencils and other drawing mediums; paper types; drawing basics; shapes and proportions; light and shade; horizons and perspective; colours; resizing a drawing, and creating a completed drawing.


Drawing board large enough to fit your paper. 18”x24” preferred
Newsprint or other basic paper sketch book. Larger is better 18”x24” preferred
Any Pencils from the HB to 6B range
Pencil sharpener or knife
Eraser Knead-able type preferred
Optional Reference photo of your choice / subject matter.
Optional Sanding block to create a sharp point
Optional Ruler or straight edge any type 12” or larger

You can get these supplies at any art store and most Micheals

At this time we DO NOT have a direct payment option. You can e-transfer your payment.

Please send an e-transfer to Leduc Art Club at

If you do not have access to e-transfer, contact Ingrid at 780-886-5090 or  to make other payment arrangements e.g. Cash, Cheque.