Supply List

Oksana Zhelisko

strongly recommend a "stay wet palette" for the acrylic artists, as acrylic paint dries really fast.

Oils or acrylic colours: titanium white, yellow ochre, cadmium red, ivory black.  

Brushes: Princeton (dark green handle) #2, (2) ,#6 (2) #8 one small synthetic brush for details #0 and 1 synthetic liner brush 

For acrylic artists: same sizes in synthetic brushes. 

Medium (oil) : Galkyd Lite or Galkyd (or any other medium of your choice) 

Canvas 9x12” or 1l1x14 or 12x16

Palette: disposable paper palette, wooden or plastic (stay wet palette for acrylic artists)

Soft clothes or paper towels for cleaning brushes, sketch/notebook, lunch and drink.