Figurative Drawing 

4th Wednesday of the month


Ages 18+

$20 members/$22 non-members (per session)

Spaces available: 12 (minimum of 4 participants required or class will be canceled)

Figure Drawing sessions with variety of poses suitable for drawing. Poses start at 1 minute and work up to 20 minutes. The shorter poses allow for gestural or loose work while the longer poses are perfect for more detail. We begin with short poses suitable for gesture drawing and build up to longer poses

Nude models with occasionally use fabric and draping or costume sessions.

Session 1 - Sept. 22, 2021

Session 2- Oct. 27, 2021

Session 3- Nov. 24, 2021

Session 4- Jan.26 2022

Session 5- Feb. 23, 2022 

Session 6- Mar 23, 2022

Session 7- Apr. 20, 2022 3RD Wednesday

Session 8- May 25, 2022

Bring your own stand up easel (table top easels are available) paper, board to attach your paper to, drawing medium.


Grade 11 & 12 students under 18 will need to provide a parental consent form.