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Acrylic Impressionism Landscape
with Mariam Qureshi

Monday Sept. 12,19,26, Oct 24, 31 (make up class) 2022  7pm-9:30pm 

Ages 18+

$125 members / $140 non-members (5 classes)

Spaces Available: 12

Instructor Mariam Qureshi

To be a master of impressionism, you need not imitate
Camille Pissarro or Monet. This course teaches
students how to paint with light and depth using five
important techniques found in this style: Mark making,
color theory, acrylic soft glazing and
landscape/cityscape politics (the use of contemporary
and ordinary space). The course is led by instructor
Mariam Qureshi who pays close attention to your
individual way of painting throughout each lesson's
session ensuring quality results in a fun and relaxed


Supply list

- Charcoal Sticks, Willow (soft and medium).
- Charcoal paper sketch pad
- Charcoal eraser and blending stub
- 12-24 tubes of Acrylic paint (preferably matt, not
glossy and not too thick in texture) (Basics or craft
acrylics is fine).
- Canvas paper sketch pad (for acrylics and oils).
- Brushes (Bring a variety: Flat, bright, filbert,
angular flat, round and pointer) (Choose the
brushes you like to paint with).
- Water cup, paint palette and a roll of paper towel
-1 canvas about 11x14 inch in size.
- Bring anything you want to share with the class
related to impressionism.

mariam qureshi1.jpg

Mariam Qureshi

mariam qureshi.jpg

Mariam Qureshi

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