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Andres Mendez

Andres Mendez is originally from Colombia where he had a tattoo shop and made macramé jewelry. He moved here eight years ago, with his young family, to be closer to his wife’s family.He is learning English while he visits his new country. He began painting at an early age. “My school was big in sports and art. I picked art. I like to paint in graffiti style, oil on canvas, and make wood carvings.” His ambition is to be a better artist by learning different techniques, to explore, and find enjoyment in his paintings. “I am super happy to have found the Leduc Art Club because there are a lot of good artists and all are happy to teach and learn everyone’s techniques.”


Last year Andre started his own business for exterior cleaning services! He named it, All Clear From Here! Andre enjoys making memories with his family as they roller blade to the skatepark, walk in nature, and travel.“It’s important I spend quality time with them”

You can call Andre 825-777-2332

Or contact by email:

Check him out on Instagram: camel34design

Andres Mendez
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