Supply List

Karen Bishop
Exploring Yupo with Karen Bishop

Basic watercolour supplies:


•   Brushes include 1 largish and 1 smallish that you are comfortable using

•   Palette

•   Boards (the board is just to support the paper while painting and should be big enough for an 11 x 14” piece of paper) have 3 smaller boards is also useful (I can bring some along too

•   Tape - so that we can experiment with tipping the paper.

•   Yupo paper (not transculent) heavy or medium weight

•    1 x 11 x 14” for the afternoon painting and

•    3x 6 x6” for the morning

•   (I can supply yupo paper for an additional cost if needed.)

•   Watercolour Paints

•   a warm and cool yellow

•   a red

•   a green

•   horizon or cerulean blue

•   indigo or other dark colour

•   a purple - quinacrodone violet is my favourite

•   container for water

•   rag