Supply List

Karen Bishop
Watercolour and Yupo Class


Please bring whatever watercolour supplies you already have including
Basic watercolour supplies:

•    Brushes include 1 largish and 1 smallish that you are comfortable using
•    Palette - one with a big centre space is ideal for mixing paints.
•    Watercolour Paints 
•    a warm and cool yellow
•    a red
•    a green
•    horizon or cerulean blue
•    indigo or other dark colour
•    a purple - quinacridone violet is my favourite
•    container for water
•    rag
•    Watercolour paper, I find a heavier grade like 200 or 300lb paper easier to work with
•    Pencil and/or art pen
•    Landscape reference photo
•    Sketchbook

If you need help choosing supplies feel free to contact me.