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The Shape of Water (and rocks)!
With Karen Bishop

Wednesday Feb 22, Mar 1, 8, 15, 22, 2023


$125 members / $140 non-members (5 classes)

Spaces Available: 14

Instructor Karen Bishop

Explore the movement, flow, and shape of water and rocks in this 5-week class. We will be painting with watercolour on yupo paper - an ultra-smooth painting surface that will let us create beautiful rhythms and textures that are unique to this paper and style of using watercolour paint. This class is suitable for all levels of watercolour painters from beginners to advanced painters looking to try a new and innovative approach.

Supply List


  • Paint - Choose a high-quality brand such as Holbein, Winsor Newton or Schminke  

  • Below are the colours I use. I have marked with an asterisk the ones I would definitely get, the others are nice but you can live without them if needed. 

    • Thalo Blue 

    • Horizon Blue or Cerulean * 

    • Cobalt Blue * 

    • Indigo * 

    • Burnt Sienna * 

    • Raw Sienna or Yellow Ochre* 

    • Lemon Yellow or other light transparent yellow* 

    • Cadmium Yellow medium or dark 

    • Quinacridone Violet 

    • Cadmium Scarlett or other pure red  

    • Green Gold 

    • Bamboo or Thalo or Hookers Green * 

    • shell pink * 

  • Heavy or Medium weight Yupo Paper (do not get translucent yupo) in a size you feel comfortable with, 9 x 12” is a popular size. This is easily purchased from an art store such as the Paint Spot in Edmonton, if you can’t find it in Leduc please let me know and I will pick up a pad for you. Alternatively, you can buy large sheets and cut them to size.  

  • A board and tape to attach your paper  

  • Pencil - HB, H or 2H  

  • Sketch Book  

  • Fine Artist Black Pen for drawing (optional)  

  • Rag or paper towel 

  • Water Container  

  • A palette with a large centre mixing area  

  • Brushes - note you can get away with just 1 brush  

    • #12 Filbert (optional) 

    • #6 or #8 Round brush 

    • teeny brush #0 for details (optional)

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