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Creating community and opportunities for Artists and art lovers in Leduc and surrounding areas

Our AGM will be May 18th 7pm

at Leduc Arts Foundry in the Leduc Recreation Centre

#103 4330 Black Gold Drive


  • 1 day workshops

  • Large variety of topics and art mediums

  • Available to everyone


  • Learn in depth over multiple classes

  • Large variety of topics and art mediums

  • Available to everyone


Artist of the Month

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Liz Ekstrom

The Bio of the Featured Artist Goes here.

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About The Club

For Artists

  • Connecting artists together to learn and collaborate

  • Providing opportunities to share your art

  • Access to classes and workshops for artists of all skill levels

  • Connect with the Leduc Community Members

For Our Community

  • Connecting Local businesses with our community

  • Holding public events for more art exposure

  • Providing opportunities for youth to be encouraged to express their creativity and practice art


Annual Aspiring Young Artist Competition

Intro to what the show is goes here.

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39C_Madison Loov_Pandemonium_Charcoal_11x11.jpg
40C_Chiana Roy_Home_watercolour_7.17x7.48.png
47B Taylor Davies_Sun Somewhere_acrylic_ink_charcoal_permanent marker.jpg.jpeg

Liz Ekstrom