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Supply Lists

Cindy Revell
Learn to Paint With Oils: Beginners to Advanced Classes

PAINT - Highly recommend M. Grahams brand, it's a great paint at a mid-range price.  Cadmium yellow OR cad yellow light, lemon yellow, yellow ochre, cadmium red light, alizarin crimson permanent (Gamblin brand NOT M. Grahams for this colour), ultramarine blue, phthalo blue (for intense greens or turquoise), quinacridone rose (for pure pinks in flowers) and titanium white. 

- Palette of your choice

- Brushes, good quality hog bristle FLATS (Robert Simmons Signet or the blue H. J.’s). Sizes 12, 10, 8, and 6 and 4.

- Thinner for cleaning brushes. I recommend #125 NeutralThin Odourless Thinner

-Thinner container (these are the best they don't leak) cheapest place to buy is Lee Valley in Edmonton just off the Anthony  Henday west end.

- Rags or paper towel for wiping your brushes 

- Plastic bag to bring home your oil rags (Rags can't be  disposed of at the club)

- One to two 8x10 or 9x12 canvases or panels.

- A box or some way to transport your painting home.

- A photo of your choice to paint from. If you are a beginner Cindy will give you a photo to work from.

- Table top easels are supplied​


Note for Beginners:

Beginner students for your first assignment you will be provided with 2 colours, titanium white and burnt umber paint, brushes, palette paper and 1-8"x10" canvas, Cindy will provide the thinner. Cindy will give you a photo to work from. Once you have completed your first assignment you will be required to purchase the above supplies. Please bring a plastic bag to put your oil rags in to take home and a box to transport your painting home a pizza box works great.


You will have to go to Delta Art & Drafting Supplies 11116 120 St, Edmonton, AB T5G 2X8 or The Paint spot 10032 81 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 1W8 to get some of these supplies.  Feel free to call 780-662-3088 or email me at if you have questions.

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