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Kristine Anderson

Why do I paint, it is for the pure, painful, pleasure of it. Painting brings a challenge of seeing, really seeing and observation. I paint because I love it and just cannot stop.” 

Kristine calls Enchantment Valley, at Wizard Lake, home where she gets a lot of her inspiration. She hasn’t had a formal art education but has broadened her understanding of painting from attending classes and workshops in Leduc, other artists living in her community, Acrylic University online, and painting daily. She also has a talented group of online photographer friends that provide her with an abundance of wonderful resource material.

After retirement from a 42-year career in construction and the oil patch she found life way too quiet for her. Finding herself an empty nester, and husband still working, she remembered that she always wanted to pursue art in some form once she had the time. That time was now! She used to say how lucky she was to find art but has come to realize how blessed she was that art found her. 

My passion for color is evident in my paintings. I paint a wide variety of subjects ranging from animals, landscapes, and florals.  I love it that my paintings have been described as childlike or boldly beautiful. My wish is that my art takes the viewer to a place of peace and joy.

Come see Kristine’s artwork showing at the Leduc Art Club during the month of March. You will find it at the Leduc Arts Foundry in the Leduc Recreation Centre (LRC).

Kristine Anderson
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