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Scarlett Dixon

Scarlett Dixon is a self-taught artist who resides in Leduc. She has had a love for creating art since she was a young child. Scarlett grew up on a farm and during cold or rainy days would fill sketchbooks with drawings of animals, comics, and portraits.

Scarlett started creating wildlife art and portraits in graphite and oils as a teenager. She has a background in traditional oil, graphite, and soft pastels but starting in 2021 shifted to drawing and painting almost exclusively digitally. All of her drawings/paintings are created by hand in Procreate on an iPad Pro using as large a canvas as the program will allow and very few layers.


Her current body of work consists of a mixture of pop culture, fantasy, wildlife, and portraits.  As a typical millennial, Scarlett grew up with a love of pop culture and video games which influenced her work. 


Her pop culture work consists of art from the Supernatural, Yellowjackets, The Witcher, DC Comics, Marvel, Our Flag Means Death, The Vikings, Game of Thrones, Hannibal, The Conjuring and various video game fandoms. 


She participates in several fandom events such as creating art for bangs. She also participates in online conventions for fandom where she talks about the creative process. She currently does several commissions for Indie self-published stories and comics.


Drawing inspiration from various sources including nature, music, television, movies, books, and video games, Scarlett likes to make her art look as traditional as possible while still enjoying the speed of digital art creation. 


When not creating artwork Scarlett likes to spend her time camping, fishing, hiking, playing video games, listening to music, and spending time with her family and dog.


You can find her work online on 

* Twitter/Tumblr @ScarlettMichKat 

* Instagram @ScarlettDixonArt.

* or 780-898-3837 

Scarlett Dixon
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