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Teresa Dobko

Meet Teresa Dobko, the talented artist behind the captivating paintings that bring joy to those who observe them. Hailing from British Columbia's Kootenays and settling in rural Alberta near Edmonton, Teresa's love for art has been a lifelong passion.

With a Certificate of Interior Design from the University of Alberta, Teresa embarked on a successful career in kitchen and bath design. Now retired, she has devoted her time fully to her artistic pursuits, creating stunning artwork that reflects her keen eye for realism combined with a touch of animation.

Throughout her journey, Teresa honed her artistic skills through workshops and dedicated practice, showcasing her expression through various mediums such as sketching, watercolor, pottery, Raku, and interior design. 

“I love how color and design shines through my oil paintings, which encompass a diverse range of subjects, from vibrant flowers and serene landscapes to captivating animals and lifelike portraits,” explains Teresa.

Apart from her artistic endeavors, Teresa finds joy in looking after  her garden and exploring landscape design. As the Leduc Art Club's Artist of the Month, Teresa continues to follow her passion and brings her unique artistic vision to life for all to appreciate and enjoy.

Teresa Dobko
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