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Supply Lists

David Shkolny
Beginners to Advanced Landscape




- Primary colours (include a “cool” blue and red and a “warm” blue and red (Ultramarine and Pthalo and Cadmium or bright red and Alizarin Crimson), Lemon yellow, Plus black and white. If they have more colours they can bring them.

- Stretched canvas or canvas on board recommended size for beginners 11"x14" 

- 3 or 4 brush sizes - 1 inch flat, 1/4 inch flat and one smaller included. If they have more brushes they can bring more.

- Water container and rags

- Fine tip felt pen

- Table Top Easels are supplied 




- Artist-quality soft pastels (Holbein, Sennelier, Schmincke, Unison, Nupastel, any of these brands)

- Drawing board

- Canson Tobacco Brown or Dark Grey: 1 sheet or Pastel Premier Italian Grey sheet 

- Soft vine charcoal (medium thickness)

- Kneadable eraser

- Masking tape

- Ruler

- Pen or fine-tip marker

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