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Haley Anderson

Haley Anderson is a young adult artist with developmental disabilities. She resides at Wizard Lake in the county of Leduc. She attended an UP (Unique Perspective) class at the Leduc Art club a few years ago and discovered she really enjoyed it and has learned to appreciate the gifts along the way.

Great friends have been made and this has had a positive impact on her self esteem. With art and other giving artists it has also helped her in understanding and navigating the gray areas in life that she has struggled with. Haley works in acrylics and has a playful folk art style. “When I was young, I didn’t know how to paint or draw. I usually traced from my computer screen. I joined the Leduc and Calmar Art Clubs in 2021. I have improved a lot since then. Last year I sold about 7 paintings in a Christmas sale at the LRC. Now I am doing so good with all my different paintings that I was doing all out of my head now no more tracing. This year I was in another Christmas sale at the Telford House in Leduc. I am really excited that I get to sell more paintings this year! I have a lot of paintings done for the Spring Fling Art Show & Sale coming up this April.”

You are invited to view Haley’s artwork showing for the month of February in the Leduc Arts Foundry .

Haley Anderson
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